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Lex Aquila Training and Consulting Services Ltd is a flexible and cost effective boutique training centre offering specialised training in various domains from exclusive training experts and legal practitioners

Our main focus remains legal training in the laws of Mauritius, UK, France and India which can customized and delivered as per your specific corporate requirements. We also offer training in other key areas such as communication, gender and management and leadership. Our services aim to deliver relevant, practical and insightful training solutions in all niche areas bringing together some of the best resource people from Mauritius, India, UK, France, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Africa, all experts in their respective domain

We focus on developing continuous competency and skills for professionals, students and companies, big or small in the legal field as per their specific requirements. Our courses are tailor-made to answer specific corporate needs.

Vatel Mauritius

Vatel Group is considered amongst the best hospitality management group of institutions in the world.
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Global Rainbow Foundation

GRF is a charitable Trust which aims to empower & work for the social integration of People with Disabilities (PWDs)
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mu mau
On behalf of Middlesex University, I would like to personally thank you for your presentation to the Law Open Day on Saturday. Judging from the comments of those who attended, the event and particularly the Employer’s Session was very successful. Most of the credit goes to you and the other panellists who gave such interesting presentations!
We hope that you will want to be involved in our future events. We were pleased to have your participation in this Law Open Day , and we thank you for your valuable contributions.

Dalilah Kalla, Employability Service Head


Middlesex University Mauritius

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Madame, Monsieur,
Je soussignée, Gwenaelle MARECHAL, présidente de la commission RH, certifie que Mme Mokshda PERTAUB, Lex Aquila Training and Consulting Services Ltd, est intervenue sur le thème "La Fin du Contrat de Travail" le 06 février dernier dans le cadre de la commission RH face à un auditoire de DRH et RRH. Nous remercions sincèrement Mme Pertaub pour son professionnalisme et son animation sans faille. Pour faire valoir ce que de droit,
Gwenaelle MARECHAL

Gwenaelle Marechal, Présidente de la commission RH


CCI France Maurice

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