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I enrolled on the CCML course and I can only recommend this to anyone willing to have a sound overview of the hybrid legal system in Mauritius. I come from an Engineering background and these interactive sessions have been very beneficial to me.
Essackjee Ismael
Wish to thank you for your collaboration on the training and Mr. Aamish Beedassy's presentation is excellent. Proud of Lex Aquila. Keep it up
Armoogum Parsooraman
The course was very helpful. It helped me get a fair overview of the system. I learnt a lot of things that I did not know before. Thank you, Me Mokshda Pertaub, for having delivered the content so nicely. Thank you Lex Aquila for all the support during the registration and after. Keep up the wonderful job! We are looking forward to take more courses offered by Lex Aquila
Jhoty Devi Booneyad
We have trained with other organisations in the past but what we liked about the Lex Aquila course was that it really dove deep into the practical aspects of compliance, to the extent of things like what forms to fill and how to deal with an audit
Zakariyya Khan

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